Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Published work

Not new, but just found a digital copy of this EP art I shot for Bidwell.

New Shiverfox album artwork

Fearless Friends Tour Substream Cover

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Substream Cover #2!

My second cover for Substream Music Press with Hey Monday and Warped Tour founder Kevin Lyman. Click HERE to order your copy!

Monday, June 14, 2010

Andy in bandannas

Andy Bothwell, aka Astronautalis. Photographed in Court and Artemis' backyard. Los Angeles, CA.

I might just make it policy to photograph him every time he stumbles through LA.

Saturday, June 05, 2010

Busy busy...

Sorry I've been so terrible at updating. We had a couple people quit at the day job, and so I was "promoted" to full time. Which means outside the 45 hours a week I've been slinging coffee, I've been slugging through mountains of backed up editing for Hide and Seek, shooting album art for Shiver Fox and Hello Astronaut, still trying to get over bronchitis, and trying to schedule out my summer into nice neat little sections.
On the 15th I'm heading out to Denver with my good friend Josh White from Umbrella Clothing to shoot a new venture with Kyle and David from Breathe Carolina. To say I'm excited to get out of LA is a huge understatement. I've been itching for a vacation, and I'm desperately in need of some time away from "work" work. I get to see Sam, and all my Denver friends, and it's all paid for.
The end of June I fly back to Montana to shoot a wedding, and depending on how the rest of my summer plans out, I might be up there for a week, or just a couple of days. It will be good to go home either way.
I have a long list of equipment I need to get eventually. I'm saving up for a shotgun mic for my camera, so live audio won't destroy it, as well as a smaller Wacom tablet that can travel with my laptop.
If you haven't been up to date on my Twitter feeds I have a lot of new photos up around the internet.
In Fear and Faith's new Myspace
Hello Astronaut's new Myspace
Of Mice and Men's new Myspace
As well as two photos in the new issue of Outburn with Eyes Set to Kill on the cover. My photos of Bleeding Through are in there as well as a photo along with a nice interview with Ramin from In Fear and Faith.
Aaaand if you didn't get your copy of Substream with Of Mice and Men on the cover, it's still out at your local Hot Topic or Barnes and Nobel. My first cover, pretty exciting!

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Andy on Roller Skates...

Andy during the Hide&Seek Summer shoot. He flew in from Australia that morning, and came straight to Pollution. He slept on the couch for almost eight hours, then woke up, put on skates and started scooting around the neighborhood. This might be my favorite portrait I've ever taken.

Jaxin and Ladybird

My favorite photo of Ladybird and Jaxin from their shoot. Love these kids like family!

Friday, May 07, 2010


Sorry I've been kind of absent. I've just been busy/sick/exhausted/working/coughing/boring lately. I've been working on a lot of cool stuff... of course I can't write about it. That seems to be the rule. The more excited I am about something, the less I can say about it. I can say this much, "It moves". There ya go. Happy? I promise I'll be able to say something more as soon as ________ is finished being _______, and _________ decides to _________ it. Yeah.

I've been sick the past couple weeks since we finished ________. According to WebMD I have Bronchitis. According to Kyle, and AJ, and everyone else who has the same ridiculous cough, I have Bronchitis. I can't remember if I'm supposed to go to the doctor for this. WebMD says it should go away on its own if I just stay hydrated (whoops), and take some over the counter lung pills to help loosen all the gunk that's down there. Lovely isn't it? I'm supposed to go to the hospital immediately if my cough is "barking". What the hell does a barking cough sound like? They need to have audio samples of TB and Whooping cough on there. Mine is kind of "honking". I sound like someone is throat punching a goose. It's far less fun than it sounds. But as bad as this might sound, having a cold beer last night helped immensely! I think the cold, plus the alcohol, tricked my body into thinking I didn't need to cough. I might test this theory before going to bed tonight, seeing how I have to be up at 5:45 tomorrow morning to open the coffee shop. I feel like I should be better by now, and it's frustrating the hell out of me.

Thursday, April 29, 2010

For you Dad...

Wondersmith Location
Today on our shoot we were graced with an amazing sunset. I was shooting behind the scenes stuff and shot the hell out of the landscapes. Thought my dad would like this one!